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Freelance writing network Contently makes its platform free ??? paidContent

According to an article on the PaidContent site:

Contently, a New York City-based startup that connects vetted freelance writers with publishers and brands, is making its editorial management platform free while continuing to charge brands in search of journalists.

Previously, Contently — which lets publishers search a database of freelancers and then communicate with them using online editorial workflow software — charged for both the search and use of the software. Apparently, the site will now only charge for the search, possibly making its service more appealing to a greater number of companies.


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The view from the other side: the Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute, which represents marketers, has an article on its site by Ann Meany that explains the best ways to deal with a freelancer. And it's good advice; it includes things like:

Respect and courtesy will cultivate a loyal relationship. Your freelancer will work harder, and go out of the way for you if they believe they are an appreciated and integral part of your team.??

It might not be a bad idea to save the page so that you can send it to a friend, colleague or client who needs clarification on how to work with somebody outside of their company.

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According to one of MediaBistro's "How to Pitch" articles, as reported in its FishbowlNY blog, is looking for freelance writers.

???We want everything,???????said editorial director??Keirna Mayo. ???We want great
ideas. We want people to be thinking about black lifestyle in a very nuanced
way.??We???re looking for the unique take, the unique angle, and the strong

If you want more information, you'll have to subscribe to MediaBistro.

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Avoid Rewrite Nightmares: Keep the Edit Cycles to a Minimum | The Freelance Strategist

The Freelance Strategist gives some excellent advice about how freelancers can keep their clients from driving them crazy with constant requests for rewrites:

There are some clients that just can???t seem to help themselves and have to rewrite almost everything from top to bottom. To avoid getting trapped in these situations, you need to be crystal clear about how your work will be treated once it leaves your computer. Some clients think they are better writers than you, others want to show to their bosses that they have added value to your work.

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How Freelancers Should Prepare for Full-Time

MediaBistro offers some advice (most of it to subscribers) about transferring from freelance to full-time work.??

An excerpt:

Some employers will require that any contract work be approved first,??? said HR exec??Rose Reterstoff. ???Even if this isn???t the case, the employee should look for contract or policy language such as ???conflict of interest??? or ???ethical behavior.??????

So, if you???ve made a living freelancing for Magazine X and are brought on as a staff writer for the competition, you???re going to need to look more closely at your arrangements with both. Check old and new contracts, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements and employee handbooks. Then, tread carefully.

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