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Seek or Shout: A social network for bloggers

Seek or Shout is a new — so new that it’s beta — service from Cision, a company that helps PR professionals by offering databases of media contacts, media news and other support. According to the site:

Seek or Shout is a new community for anyone who creates or promotes content, including bloggers, journalists, freelance writers, public relations pros, marketers and students.

The idea is that bloggers and other writers can ask the community for sources, ideas, etc. and then promote the finished piece among their peers. Like other social networks, its success will not only depend on how well the site is designed, but whether anyone shows up.


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Work from Home – Freelance Writing |

Came across a newspaper article from the San Francisco Chronicle touting a service called According to the article:

Writers are also able to choose writing jobs that meet their interests and advance their career through a tiered system designed to promote writers for quality and reliability.

Looking at ??, it doesn't seem like it's much more than another low-paying content farm — although at least, it's honest about it. According to the FAQ:

We pay $2.25 for 100-word drafts and $4.75 for 250-word drafts. Experienced writers can complete anywhere from 5-8 drafts per hour, earning upwards of $18 an hour.

That's about 2 cents a word, which isn't a lot by any standard. (Yes, I know, I've written for science fiction publications that paid less, but that's fiction, which I write for love, not money. Although money would be nice.)

If you work hard, you could even become a editor, which means you get a penny a word for editing copy:

Once you have completed at least 20 writing assignments, we will give you the opportunity to take the editor assessment. Editors make $1.25 for 100-word drafts and can complete anywhere from 10 to 15 drafts an hour. Editors also receive bonuses for submitting error-proof work.

This could work for people who are just looking for a bit of extra cash, or who are really desperate for some money to pay the rent for the month. But if you're looking to become a working writer, you're going to want to look for something a bit more substantial.


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