The Future of Freelance: Finding Work on the World Wide Web – EContent Magazine

EContent offers an article on how to find work on the Web — and offers some good sources for hopeful freelance writers looking to avoid the content mills.

For freelancers looking to find work and support themselves through bid-based sites, the only answer is to raise their rates and hold out for the right job, a technique that often produces mixed results. Thursday Bram notes that “Oddly enough, while I started out pricing my work fairly low, every time I’ve raised my rates I’ve actually gotten more work. I’m not the only freelancer to experience this phenomenon. After conversations with clients, the reasoning is fairly simple to understand: a freelancer doesn’t charge rates that she can’t expect to get, generally speaking. As long as the freelancer in question has a good reputation, a raise in rates signals that there’s demand for her work.


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