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The Freelance Surge Is the Industrial Revolution of Our Time – Sara Horowitz at The Atlantic

The Atlantic has started running articles from Sara Horowitz, who founded the Freelancers Union, which represents, as it says in her byline, “the interests and concerns of the independent workforce.” One thing she says in her initial article is something that I’ve been yelling at politicians on the TV set for years:

The basics – such as health insurance, protection from unpaid wages, a retirement plan, and unemployment insurance – are out of reach for one-third of working Americans. Independent workers are forced to seek them elsewhere, and if they can’t find or afford them, then they go without. Our current support system is based on a traditional employment model, where one worker must be tethered to one employer to receive those benefits. Given that fewer and fewer of us are working this way, it’s time to build a new support system that allows for the flexible and mobile way that people are working.


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