LinkedIn and professional social networking

This afternoon, I got an email from a colleague whom I hadn’t heard from for some time. She had heard of a freelance opening for an editor of historical fiction through LinkedIn, and wanted to alert me about it just in case I needed the work and felt I was qualified.

This is why I never underestimate the usefulness of using social networks, especially more professionally-leaning ones such as LinkedIn. In fact, I tend to keep all my professional networking to LinkedIn, rather than trying to mix business and personal news in the wider world of Facebook. ??In LinkedIn, it is assumed (usually) that you’re talking business, and that if you need to know about a company you’re applying to, or need to find some freelance work, or need to know if a certain client pays on time, you can ask around, and very often, get that information — or might pass information that you know on to somebody else.

If you’re not a member of LinkedIn, by the way, go ahead and join — it’s free (there is a paid version, but it’s doubtful you’ll need it). And since the whole thing revolves around creating networks with people you know, don’t be afraid to start with only one or two contacts. And join a group or two — you may make a few more.


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