Workshop at Readercon

Just wanted to quickly thank everyone who participated in the “How to Earn a Living as a Writer” workshop at Readercon this morning. I was surprised and gratified at the number of people who attended. (Although, as an indication of our current economy, it could also be a bit dismaying in a sense.)

I wrote down a few Web sites that people mentioned that aren’t listed yet, which I’ll add in the next day or so. I’ll also do a bit more research based on our discussion to see if there are any further resources/sites that I can list on this site. Meanwhile, if anyone has any questions, or information, or whatever, based on our discussion (or which we didn’t get a chance to discuss), please feel free to add them here as comments.

Thanks again. It was great seeing you all.



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2 responses to “Workshop at Readercon

  1. Anke Kriske

    This was a great presentation. The resources are very useful. I hope you can do it for two hours next year. Especially in hard economic times, no one can afford to neglect the business end of writing.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks, Anke! I agree — the business end of writing is important, especially to those of us who want to earn our living that way. I doubt if I can get a two-hour slot for it next year, but I’ll definitely propose it. Maybe we can even do a two-parter: one for fiction, one for writing outside of the genre.

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